People often struggle to know how to use the health insurance they have paid for. Often people have paid for 20 years through personal and work schemes and have never made a claim.

This page highlights a few simple steps as to how you can use your insurance at the GKC.

Bupa: 0808 271 6114
AXA PPP Healthcare: 0800 132203
Vitalty Pruhealth: 0808 256 4693
Aviva Health: 0800 068 3827

Ask for an authorisation code for a consultation regarding your knee or hip.

A few insurers require a referral letter from you GP. At the GKC / GHC we do not require this to be seen.

Once you have an authorisation code contact our admin team to book your appointment. Either call us on 01452 337276 (Winfield) or 01242 246519 (Nuffield) or email us on

Once seen, and a treatment plan agreed with your consultant, you will then need to contact the insurance company again to give them the procedure code, that we will give you at the consultation, to see whether you plan covers your care.

One obtained you can book your surgery in one of our private hospitals and enjoy peace of mind that the care you will receive from GKC team will be bespoke and suit your needs, to ensure you have the best outcome possible .

Either call us on 01452 337276 (Winfield) or 01242 246519 (Nuffield) or email us on and we can book you in for your procedure at the next available clinic.