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Mako Robotic Surgery Coming Soon

The Gloucestershire Knee and Hip clinic team have been following the progress of robotic arm surgery to assist them with knee and hip replacements. Many of the country’s leading hip and knee arthroplasty surgeons are now using advanced robotic-arm assisted technology. This incredibly exciting technology generates a personalised surgical plan bespoke to a patient’s unique anatomy ensuring precision accuracy for hip and knee replacements. Designed by Stryker, one of the world's leading medical technology companies, Mako robotic-arm assisted technology provides patients with a more predictable and very precise surgical experience. Early data suggests that for both unicompartmental and total knee replacement, revision rates are much lower when compared to conventional implantation techniques. Mr Gleeson and Mr Barksfield have just returned [...]

400th Patient Review!

A milestone reached today for our surgeon Peter Kempshall. 400th patient review! Proud and humbled. See his profile here.

ACL Reconstruction to Iron Man

Another happy patient's testimonial: Rehab is feeling much more positive and enjoyable I might say, completing my physio exercises and I’m on the bike for 1.30mins three times a week and the exercises in the mornings. I decided to go for a walk/jog/run with my daughter on the Sunday afternoon, which was 2.4 miles, and this was completely amazing and felt wonderful. I had the ACL reconstruction following a skiing accident and I told you I was going to do two Ironman Triathlon's in 2022. Well I have I went to Austria in July this year and then I came back for 8 weeks and then went off to Tenby, Wales and completed the Welsh Ironman on the 11th September. [...]

British Championship Swimmer back to her Best

As someone who has always had a hugely busy and competitive sporting life, the news that I had ruptured my ACL falling off a horse in April 2021 seemed unbearable and I couldn’t quite get my head round how I would cope. Mr Gleeson was massively understanding and immediately helped me make a plan as to what I could still do and the aims I was to have in both my pre and post- surgery rehabilitation, from my first appointment I felt more in control and at ease. My surgery was booked for the beginning of June and I began my physiotherapy with Geoff Twinning to both strengthen and stabilise my knee and maintain whole body strength and fitness. The [...]

Sports knee injuries

We all love playing sport. Sporting participation is at an all-time high. Throughout lockdown many people have turned to sport for relaxation. We love getting involved with playing sports of all different types, football, hockey, handball and padel to name a few. Unfortunately sporting injuries are common and happen for a variety or reasons. They may well be from accidental contact or they can be technique related, from overuse or from a muscle imbalance. Many of us have a tendency to exercise and train in a similar way each time, which means that we train the same muscle groups in the same movement patterns. This is why doing different activities in your training program, a run one day, a HIIT [...]

GKC Knee Replacement One Year On

Another happy patient's testimonial: Some20 years ago I tore my cartilage playing tennis. I was advised that the prognosis was pain, and more pain. The inevitable time came when I needed a new knee and I was recommended to Robert Gleeson by a friend. The operation went very smoothly and 3 days later I walked out of the hospital without a stick. One year later I find it difficult to know which is the new knee. My personal trainer tells me no one could tell. As I approach my 78th birthday, the doubters and fearful, should take encouragement from this picture of me riding the wonderful horse "Bear" across the Cotswolds. I am now sharpening my skis for next season. [...]

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