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Conformis Knee Patient Success Story

Hi Mr Kempshall When we met you at the annual follow up of my new Conformis knee, you asked me to send you some pictures. We have been away for several weeks, during which time I [...]

Thailand Expedition following TKR

I have always been very active and have travelled extensively all over the world. Many of my trips have involved long distance wilderness trips, many to include my passion for trekking and fly fishing. On reaching seventy [...]

Skiing post Knee Replacement

Here is a short video of me skiing a year after you gave me a new knee. Not fast and very steep but a blue run under control. I enjoyed the skiing and will feel a [...]

Mako Robotic Surgery Coming Soon

The Gloucestershire Knee and Hip clinic team have been following the progress of robotic arm surgery to assist them with knee and hip replacements. Many of the country’s leading hip and knee arthroplasty surgeons are now using [...]

400th Patient Review!

A milestone reached today for our surgeon Peter Kempshall. 400th patient review! Proud and humbled. See his profile here.

ACL Reconstruction to Iron Man

Another happy patient's testimonial: Rehab is feeling much more positive and enjoyable I might say, completing my physio exercises and I’m on the bike for 1.30mins three times a week and the exercises in the mornings. I [...]

Sports knee injuries

We all love playing sport. Sporting participation is at an all-time high. Throughout lockdown many people have turned to sport for relaxation. We love getting involved with playing sports of all different types, football, hockey, handball and padel to name [...]

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HTO delays progression to Arthroplasty by a decade. The most suitable candidates are age <55, not obese, and have not progressed to severe symptomatic disability. In these patients HTO survival was 100%, 91% and 62% at 5, 10 and 20 years

ACL tears cause significant functional deficits in patients over 50 who fail conservative treatment, and surgical reconstruction can yield excellent results.

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