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ACL Risk Calculator

The GKC uses the latest techniques for ACL surgery. We use available clinical tools such as the Multi-centre Orthopaedic Outcomes Network (MOON) calculator to help assess your risk and predict your chance of re injury to your ACL. See the latest evidence papers here.

The Knee Replacement: A Personal Story

The nagging ache becomes worse, having started subtly as a twinge, until even friends comment that it affecting everyone’s quality of life “I’m afraid that x-ray rather flattered your knee” he said after examining me. “You are going to need a knee replacement”. We were able to agree on a date for the inevitable but unwelcome operation that day and two weeks later I was admitted to the private hospital. Mr.Gleeson, the surgeon came to see me before the operation and explained in reassuring terms the procedure and the complications, which, in his hands at least, are extraordinarily and thankfully rare. Next to visit was the anaesthetist. He was equally reassuring and explained that the anaesthetic would consist of a [...]

Skiing 1 Year after Total Knee Replacement

1 year following my total right knee replacement - Many thanks to you and your fantastic team, without you all I would not have been able to enjoy a recent skiing holiday. I don't think I have ever skied without knee pain, maybe I can now work on technique rather than point and go!! Thank you, Sarah Hemming

GKC at the British Association of Surgery of the Knee (BASK)

Members of the Gloucestershire knee clinic team at the British Association of Surgery of the Knee (BASK) conference in Brighton. Peter Kempshall and Roger Close with Lima-uk looking at the new Physica KR knee replacement. The BASK conference is the UKs leading meeting for knee surgeons to share ideas and learn about new advances in knee surgery.

Sports Knee 2019 Conference at St George’s Park

This week Peter Kempshall attended the Tim Spalding Fellows alumni at the FA’s prestigious St George’s Park training facility. This was part of the Sports Knee 2019 conference where sports knee surgeons share and discuss the latest evidence and surgical techniques. One of the highlights for Mr Kempshall was discussing with Dr Rob Leprade from the USA over coffee the merits of the double bundle PCL reconstruction and the improved functional outcome with this technique. Catching up with colleague Dr Alan Getgood from from the Fowler Kennedy Sports medicine unit, Canada was another highlight. Dr Getgood trained together with Mr Kempshall in Coventry, Uk. He now runs the multi centre stability study of Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction combined with lateral [...]

GKC Surgeon makes history

Last week at the Winfield Hospital, Gloucester – Peter Kempshall from Gloucestershire Knee Clinic – performed the first computer planned patient specific osteotomy in the South West of England using Joint Operations technology #savethejoint

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