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GKC Knee Replacement One Year On

Another happy patient's testimonial: Some20 years ago I tore my cartilage playing tennis. I was advised that the prognosis was pain, and more pain. The inevitable time came when I needed a new knee and I was recommended to Robert Gleeson by a friend. The operation went very smoothly and 3 days later I walked out of the hospital without a stick. One year later I find it difficult to know which is the new knee. My personal trainer tells me no one could tell. As I approach my 78th birthday, the doubters and fearful, should take encouragement from this picture of me riding the wonderful horse "Bear" across the Cotswolds. I am now sharpening my skis for next season. [...]

Jump Jockey Jason Dixon back in the saddle

Jump Jockey Jason Dixon is back in the saddle and competing at the highest level following a devastating knee injury when he fell from his horse that left him requiring ACL and posterior lateral corner repair and reconstruction. Great to see him back in action. "18 months post op, I am back fitter and healthier than before. After a simple fall from a horse I managed to damage my ACL and post lateral corner. My career and livelihood was hanging in the balance but Mr Kempshall and his team did a fantastic job. Ater 7 hard months of rehab and physio I sat on a horse for the first time since the fall and 3 months after that I had [...]

Rob Gleeson patient’s new lease of life

I feel like a new woman after several years of enforced inactivity , Mr Gleeson took a chance on a 59 year old fat housewife and now I have my life back. I have lost 30lb in weight and now wild swim at least 1km twice a week , cycle and walk and garden. Many thanks to you and your team! "Putting the new knee to good use ! So very many thanks for the gift of a new life."

ACL Risk Calculator

The GKC uses the latest techniques for ACL surgery. We use available clinical tools such as the Multi-centre Orthopaedic Outcomes Network (MOON) calculator to help assess your risk and predict your chance of re injury to your ACL. See the latest evidence papers here.

The Knee Replacement: A Personal Story

The nagging ache becomes worse, having started subtly as a twinge, until even friends comment that it affecting everyone’s quality of life “I’m afraid that x-ray rather flattered your knee” he said after examining me. “You are going to need a knee replacement”. We were able to agree on a date for the inevitable but unwelcome operation that day and two weeks later I was admitted to the private hospital. Mr.Gleeson, the surgeon came to see me before the operation and explained in reassuring terms the procedure and the complications, which, in his hands at least, are extraordinarily and thankfully rare. Next to visit was the anaesthetist. He was equally reassuring and explained that the anaesthetic would consist of a [...]

Skiing 1 Year after Total Knee Replacement

1 year following my total right knee replacement - Many thanks to you and your fantastic team, without you all I would not have been able to enjoy a recent skiing holiday. I don't think I have ever skied without knee pain, maybe I can now work on technique rather than point and go!! Thank you, Sarah Hemming

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